Zoom In

This is a call to pay attention to everyone around you and look beyond what you see on the surface. Break down your own boundaries that separate you from the homeless, the widows, the orphans, the lonely, and those in despair. Don’t be afraid of getting so close that you make a difference in your own town.

boys sitting on a curb in the Congo

Zoom Out

There is so much beyond our own realities. There are places where people are abandoned and forgotten; they suffer from hunger or lack of access to basic needs. We want to care for those abroad as if they were right next door.

boys sitting on a curb in the Congo


Our goal is simple; we want to be as transparent as possible, and we want 100% of your support to go precisely where you want it to go!

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We care for orphans, widows, and underprivileged people locally and abroad through generosity, transparency, and accountability.

We believe everyone should have access to basic needs such as food + water, shelter, education, clothing, and the gospel of Jesus Christ. We seek to unite people from all across the globe and provide them with an opportunity to change each other’s lives. We work with a network of committed donors to provide for all the administrative costs of running ZOOM Global to ensure every dollar given to any of our projects or campaigns goes precisely where it is intended.

boys sitting on a curb in the Congo


Our mission is to uplift and empower vulnerable communities around the world. Our ongoing efforts range from providing vital support to orphanages in the Congo (ensuring the children receive quality care, education, and a safe environment to grow) to improving access to healthcare in Oaxaca, Mexico (by offering free medical services and health education to underserved populations). Recognizing that there are countless other areas in need of assistance, we actively encourage the global community to submit information about locations and issues that may have escaped our attention. By collaborating and sharing knowledge, we can broaden our impact and work together to create a better world for all. We want to help wherever there is a need. Fill out the Project Application Form to submit a need in your community.

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