Idaho Zoom Global Internship

The Idaho Internship is dedicated to helping with the base operations for Zoom Global, as well as learning more about the Bible.

Questions about the Idaho Internship Program? Contact Daniel Harder at:

(208) 350-9624

The Program

The Idaho Zoom Global Internship Program is a unique opportunity for passionate individuals seeking hands-on experience in promoting and sharing their faith. Designed for those interested in outreach and community building, the program aims to equip interns with essential skills, knowledge, and experience needed to become effective evangelists. Over the course of the internship, participants will engage in various activities, including door-to-door sales, organizing community events, and digging into God's word. Interns will be mentored by experienced contractors in the solar energy sector and receive extensive training in communication, leadership, and relationship building. If you have a deep commitment to your faith and a desire to inspire others, we invite you to apply for this life-changing experience that will not only broaden your horizons but also contribute to the growth of your core skills in evangelism.


Borrow an Intern

The Intern Borrowing Program is an innovative initiative designed to bridge the gap between organizations in need of short-term assistance and talented interns seeking valuable professional experiences. By participating in this program, companies and non-profits can temporarily "borrow" interns from a diverse pool of skilled candidates, allowing them to tackle pressing projects or address immediate staffing needs. In return, interns gain exposure to various industries, expand their professional networks, and acquire practical skills to boost their future careers. The Intern Borrowing Program creates a mutually beneficial arrangement, promoting collaboration and fostering the exchange of knowledge and expertise between organizations and ambitious young professionals.



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