In Central Africa, Congo-Brazzaville, our ZOOM Partner, Maria, helps take care of the needs of many orphanages and the families/people who oversee the orphans. In 2018, Maria walked through the Brazzaville Market one day and saw a sign that said, “Orphans. Need food.” When she followed the sign, it led her to a run-down orphanage with many children who needed food, shelter repairs, and beds. It was such a blessing to provide Maria with the money to meet the immediate needs of those children during that time.

Since then, through the donations of many contributors and fundraising hosted for ZOOM Congo, we sent children to school, provided English tutoring, dental care, shelter repairs, and paid monthly expenses for food, rent, etc.

We want to continue to support our Congo neighbors and our ZOOM Partner, Maria. Consider contributing today to any of the Congo Campaigns listed below.

100% of your proceeds will go directly to the fund you choose. Because of this, we have an Admin Campaign that contributes to maintaining the website and fees incurred to keep ZOOM Global running.

If you cannot contribute financially, please be praying for our team and our efforts to grow the kingdom of God through loving the people of Congo. Feel free to send emails of encouragement that can be delivered as well.